Rattan Rams


Welcome to the new school year for 2018-19!

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  1. Tip 3: Activate Windows Defender Malware Blocker
  2. First select the Windows Key + X
  3. In the resulting menu select Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  4. Copy and paste the following: Set-MpPreference -PUAProtection 1
  5. Hit enter and wait for the nest line to appear and simply close the PowerShell.
  6. You're all set!

Go to the new Webpage at rattanrams.org to see recent news and information.

Rattan vs Frontier at the Big House 1st Half, 2nd Half and OT uploaded

Rattan vs Seiling 1st Half 2nd Half

Speech Presentation March 2018

Drama: Bedtime Stories As Told By Dad YouTube

Miss RHS 2018 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

In an effort to provide everyone with the ability to help with fund-raising efforts for the remodeling of our Gymnasium we have made this opportunity available at:


Personal Financial Literacy Computer Apps Material Teacher Link