Rattan Public Schools strive to provide a safe and positive learning environment that promotes innovation, intellectual curiosity, and citizenship in order to allow students to realize their full potential and to become life-long learners. Welcome to our school.

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Due to concerns expressed by the community members through the Choctaw Nation Leadership class survey and concerned citizens, the location of the new gymnasium will be on the south side of Highway 3.  Please see related drawing.

In an effort to provide everyone with the ability to 
help with fund-raising efforts for the construction of a 
new Gymnasium we have made this opportunity available. https://polarengraving.com/RattanPublicSchool

SEOC JH Fastpitch Tournament Champs!!

Calendar of Events for Rattan Schools

Rattan SkillsUSA has installed a Blessings Box by the playground. If you would like to share your blessings by placing non-perishable inside, please feel free to do so. If you are in need of can goods or other items and are having a tough time making ends meet, please check the box to see any are present.

State Champ! Love you guys!