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Week 3 Distance Learning


Let’s share!  Moms and Dads, send me some of your student’s pictures they have drawn from the social studies or science assignments and I’ll post them!  :-)



1.  Log on to “Teach Your Monster to Read” each day and work through  the program for at least 15 minutes.  I will be able to monitor your  progress online.

2.  Go to Scholastic Learn at Home ​and read the books for the day listed (week 1, day 2 etc.,) each day.  Take the AR tests for the books listed below.  I will monitor your online progress in AR. ​

Book and quiz #

Week 3 Day 1: Bear Snores On – 60893                        A Bear Cub Grows Up – 102773

Week 3 Day 2: The Dot – 69954                                      All the Colors of the Rainbow- 20374

Week 3 Day 3:  The Snowy Day – 6092                             

Week 3 Day 4:  The Caterpillar and the Polliwog – 160831 A Tadpole Grows Up – 102777

Week 3 Day 5:  (OPTIONAL):  I Stink! – 58876                    Garbage Trucks- 118100


Log on here to take an  AR test: (Student’s user name and password will be the same as at school)



1.  Log on to “Happy Numbers” and work a minimum of 20 minutes.



Science and Social Studies are incorporated with Scholastic Learn at home, since all lessons are either science or social studies themed.  Assignment:  Draw a picture about your favorite story for each day and write a description of your picture.