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Hello, I hope you all are safe and well!  I’ve noticed several of you working hard on the websites! Way to Go!

Please if you have any questions or if your child would like to call and visit please feel free to call me! 580.271.0923

This week I really would like for your child to concentrate on mastery of  6 and 7 multiplication facts, whether it’s with Splash Learn, Moby Max, IXL, writing them, or playing math war with a deck of cards. Below are some videos for 6 and 7’s. These videos write past 12’s, but don’t worry about anything after 12. With your guidance you can explore more songs and videos for the facts on youtube. Please continue to work on completing Study Island both Oklahoma and National standards. Links are on the Educational Website page. If you need username and passwords, please contact me. Also continue to explore Mystery Science, Scholastic, and READ everyday! If you need books, Please contact me and I will share my library with you! check out my photo album for each day’s drawing and the week’s activities! MULTIPLY BY 6