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Students, I will list scholarships below with their link to the Application and respective Due Dates as I know them.

  • If you need a paper copy of any of the applications, please email or text me to arrange a time to pick up the paper copies.
  • Please let me or the HS office know if you need copies of your current HS transcript and arrange a time to pick them up.  
  • Please ASK for letters of recommendation from individual parties as soon as possible to allow adequate time for completion.
  • Please check back often because this list will change.

LOCAL/COUNTY Scholarships

Antlers Masonic Lodge and Robert S. Settles Scholarship.  Seniors only.  Due April 15, 2020.  ** LOCAL**

Hugo Lions Club Scholarship.  Seniors only.  Due April 17, 2020.  **LOCAL**

Gregg Family Scholarship.  Seniors only.  Due May 1, 2020.  **LOCAL** 

Casen May Memorial Scholarship.  Seniors only.  Due April 17, 2020.  **LOCAL** 

Hendricks Achievement Scholarship.  Seniors only.  Due April 20, 2020.  **LOCAL** 

OK Rural Rehabilitation Corporation Scholarship.  Seniors only.  Due May 1, 2020 in Hugo office.  **LOCAL**

Pushmataha County Retired Educators Association Scholarship.  Seniors only.  Education Majors.  Due April 24, 2020.  **LOCAL**

MULTI-RESOURCES Scholarship List

OK College Start Scholarship Landing Page.  All ages.  Varying due dates.


Murray State College Scholarship Page.  Seniors only.

Eastern Oklahoma State College Institutional Scholarships Page.  Seniors only. 

Eastern Oklahoma State College Foundation Scholarships Page.  Seniors only. 

Southeastern Oklahoma State University Scholarships Page.  Seniors only. 


Imagine America Foundation Scholarships.  Seniors.  Career/Tech Related. 

Marine Corps Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarships.  Juniors/Seniors.