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Weekly Assignments

As I have stated on my homepage, I am still learning how to use and navigate this webpage! I’m hoping this will make things easier for you by having everything on one page! 


Students have all week to complete the workbook pages. They should read the story from their reader 2- 3 times this week before taking their test. Leveled readers are for extra reading practice. Some have AR tests. You can use the AR Book Finder link to check. It is fine if these books aren’t within their level since they go along with their reading lesson.

I know this is all overwhelming! Just do the best you can. The kids will know what to do once they get started. Contact me if you have any questions.

Page numbers for weeks 2-5 have been added to the columns below,

Remember to read a library book, magazine, newspaper, etc. for at least 20 minutes each day also. They can go to any of the educational websites as well for extra practice when they have time. Study Island has a lot of assignments ready for them!

To read the stories for Lessons 26 -28 you will need to click on the Reading Adventures book in the bottom right corner of this page.

Week 1- Start on page 308 and read the whole story.

Week 2 (Lesson 25)- Start on page 342 and read the whole story

Weeks 3-5- Go to Journeys Reading Adventures at the bottom left to find stories for lessons 26-28

To do workbook pages click on Journeys Reader’s Notebook below. Click volume 2, contents, unit 6, lesson 26 and use the arrow on the right side of the screen to turn the workbook pages. If you have a printer at home you can print the pages for them to complete by clicking the “more” button on the left toolbar and choosing print. If you can’t print from home you can have them to write their answers down on a separate piece of paper. If you would like to get their workbooks from the school we have them bagged up. You can call the office and ask what time you can come by to pick them up. You can also type the page numbers you want in at the top of the screen after choosing volume 2 and it will go to that page. It will save you a few clicks!

Week 2- pgs 145-148, 150, 153-157

Week 3- pgs 159, 162, 164-169

Week 4- pgs 171, 174, 176-180

Week 5- pgs 183, 186, 189-192

To do the Close Reader click on it below. Click contents, table of contents, use right arrow to turn pages to unit 6, lesson 26. The questions are in the blue areas on each page. You can also type the page number you need at the top of the screen after opening the Close Reader link.

week 1- Pages 102-105

Week 2- pgs 106-109

Week 3- pgs 112-115

Week 4- pgs 116-119

Week 5- pgs 120-123

Leveled readers are additional reading support with the weekly vocabulary included in them. Each shape is a different level. Click on the Leveled Readers picture below. Click on a shape, then the lesson number to read the reader. Each shape takes you to a different leveled reader. These are extra practice. Some of them have AR tests on them!

There are no leveled readers past lesson 25. They can still read any of the books available that they haven’t allready read.

Students may take their reading and grammar tests anytime between now and May 8th.

Students can also use this link to access other resources I have placed in their “My Library” tab.

The Reading Adventures Student Magazine below replaces the Journeys Student ebook after lesson 25. Students will need to go here to read their stories for weeks 3-5.

Week 3- pgs 4-19

Week 4- pgs 20-33

Week 5- pgs 34-47

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