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Week 1 Distance Learning

We HOPE you are using the paper packets sent home, as well as this “distance learning”!  The Distance Learning lessons are as follows:


WEEK 1 LESSONS:  (access websites from our “distance learning” tab)



1.  Log on to “Teach Your Monster to Read” each day and work through  the program for at least 15 minutes.  I will be able to monitor your  progress online and see how long you work, isn’t that cool?  :-)

2.  Go to “Scholastic Learn at Home” and read the books for week 1 for the day listed (day 1, day 2 etc.,) each day.  Take the AR tests for the books listed below.

 I will monitor your online progress with AR, so keep working hard!  :-)

Click the link below to take your AR tests:


Book and quiz #

Week 1 Day 1: Diary of a Spider – 101233                             Spiderling Grows Up – 102776

Week 1 Day 2: Come On, Rain! – 30845                                 Rainy Weather Days – 110931

Week 1 Day 3:  Zin! Zin! A Violin – 13784                                All About Sound – 77325

Week 1 Day 4:  Giggle, Giggle, Quack – 58465                      Living on Farms – 61026

Week 1 Day 5:  (OPTIONAL):  Dem Bones – 68050



1.  Log on to “Happy Numbers” and work at least 20 minutes.  TRY to work longer!  :-)



Science and Social Studies are incorporated with Scholastic Learn at home, since all lessons are either science or social studies themed.  

Assignment:  Draw a picture about your favorite story for each day and write a description of your picture.