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Introduction to Ag Science I 6th hr

Homework Assignment April 6th -9th 


SAE research Supervised Agriculture Experience fine one that most closely fits your personality and resource. Then tell me how will be build this SAE.



April 13th-30th


The one thing that you as a class missed out on was learning the FFA Creed, so with all this free time you have this is your opportunity. The Creed is 5 paragraphs long and not that hard to memorize, so your task for the end of the year is to memories it. But you do have another option and that is to write each Paragraph 15 times by the time you are done you will have it memorized. You may ask how am I going to know if you memorize it well video yourself and send it to me, just remember that I have did this for 11 years now and I don’t have to be in the room to tell if you are cheating and reading it, just saying. I have also included 2 worksheets. Have a great summer and I hope to see some of you this summer, and I will ask you to recite it next year!!!!!!


The First Link is the FFA Creed and the Secon Link is the Crossword it is very easy but it make you read the Creed



Have a Great Summer I look forward to seeing you next year.