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Animal Science 4th Hour

Homework Assignment April 6th -9th

Research a Career Field in Animal Science that would be of interest to you.I understand that not all of you are going to the Ag field but you would be surprised how similar some Careers are. With that said find a Career field that most lines up with your wants and needs and tell me about it. The education required, places you would live for that job, pay scale ect.

April 13th -16th

Read and then do the Worksheet a Sale Barn


April 20th -23rd

Write an article informing the public about something Animal Science related, from raising cows to chickens, a hot topic like meatless meat, or anything you can think of. It does not have to be long just ½ a page but I bet once some of you get to writing the ink will flow or the keys will be on fire.


April 27th-30th

Develop a feeds and nutrients comparison spreadsheet using all old feed sacks you find.  List feed name, species, ingredients, nutritional value, %  protein, % fat, % Fiber% of main vitamins and minerals. Get at least 4 different kinds.



Have a Great Summer and those of you not Seniors I look forward to seeing you next year and those that are Seniors my door is always open.