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Intro Ag Power and Technology 2nd hr; Ag Power and Technology 5th hr

Homework Assignment for the Week of April 6th – April 9th 

Brainstorm a project you would like to build, draw your project out on graph paper preferably but please draw to scale. Ex 1 in=1 ft and tell me the scale.

After you draw out your projects, then get a material list together of everything you will need to build your project. You can take a picture and email or text me your finished project.

April 13th-16th

Design a Cattle Working Facility, if you have ever worked cattle and said I would do this different now is your opportunity build it like you want it. I know some of you do not have internet to research so get creative.


April 20th -23rd

Some of you are Seniors some of you not but it is never to early to think about a job. You may know what you want to do but if not begin thinking about a career. Since this is Ag Class Something Ag related even if you are not planning on going into the Ag Field. Come up with list of questions about that career that they would like to know.  Identify someone in the community with that occupation or someone you know and do a phone interview and write up a summary of the answers to the questions.


April 27th -30th

This assignment really has nothing to do with Ag Mechanics, But relive the year we have had in class and outside of a class and write a summary of your year in AG.




Have a Great Summer and those of you not Seniors I look forward to seeing you next year and those that are Seniors my door is always open.