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Letter to Parents

Dear Parents:

This is challenging times for teachers, parents, and students.  My goal during distance learning is to have assignments that incorporate practical learning, creativity, and service-oriented assignments.  Each assignment is tied to a specific learning skill whether it is stated or not stated.  I will attempt to provide everything that I possibly can in the student’s distance learning packet and on my school website.  I do understand that some homes do not have internet capabilities, so assignments are created so they can be completed with or without internet access.

The MOST important thing that I want is for your child to find the “JOY” in reading.  The ability to read and comprehend text will assist learning in every subject area -- science, history, math.  I encourage you to make dedicated time to ensure your child is meeting the 20-minute daily reading goal.  I want them to find something they ENJOY!  They may even branch out and try a genre that they don’t typically choose – just to explore.  They could read an article, magazine, comic book, listen to a story online, or chapter book.  Anything that interest them!  Studies have proven that 20 minutes reading daily is extremely beneficial.  You know your child’s needs.  They can read independently, companion read (you read a page, they read a page), or listen to a story with one of the sources listed below.  The important thing is exposure to new words.  You child will be able to take AR test from home.  Please see my website for directions on AR testing from home. (, Elementary School, Jinny Lewis)

Read 20 Minutes Daily

Helpful Book Sources:


Local Libraries (online book check-out is available also)

Home Library (Library of Congress)

International Children’s Digital Library

Open library


Oxford Owl



Thank You for help along this “Distance Learning” journey.  Please contact me through E-Notes if you need assistance.  I will be glad to help anyway possible maintaining compliance with my administration’s guidelines.



Mrs. Lewis