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Letter to Students

“The Not So Wimpy Student”

Reading and Language Arts



“I am SMART, I can LEARN, I believe in myself and Mrs. Lewis believes in me !


I miss seeing you at school and getting my daily high-five, fist bump or hugs.  You are a valuable part of my classroom.  Whether you know it or not, your input during classroom discussions helped other students in the room learn along with you.  We no longer have this as an option.  So, YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR LEARNING!  That can be both an exciting and scary thing.  The more you want to learn you will!  Take this time to explore new ideas, be creative, enjoy your time at home, and learn to help others, but NEVER STOP LEARNING.  I want you to always push yourself to be better than you were the day before. 

            Along with your parents, you get the free choice of which assignment you want to complete for the day.  The one assignment that is a MUST is your daily reading of 20 minutes.  You may take an AR test.  Go to, Elementary School tab, Jinny Lewis tab to find the directions on how to take an AR test from home.  I want you to find the “JOY” in reading.  Choose reading topics/material that interest you.  It could be a magazine, comic book, how-to book, online article, or chapter book.  The important thing is to enjoy it!



Mrs. Lewis