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World Culture

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April 20-April 23

  1. How has COVID-19 affected your birth state?
  2. How has COVID-19 affected the state you currently live in today?
  3. Summarize how the world has been impacted from COVID-19 from Jan.2 thru March 12th
  4. Summarize how the world has been impacted from COVID-19 from March 12-April 30th.
  5. How did COVID-19 affect your plans during your Spring Break?
  6. IF you were governor of Oklahoma, what COVID-19 guidelines would you suggest the people of Oklahoma follow?
  7. IF you were the mayor of your home town, what plans would you put in place to help flatten the curve of COVID-19?

April 27-April 30

Final Exam: 20-years from now you are a famous historical writer and you have been asked to write a section on the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.  This lesson will be used by teachers all across Oklahoma to teach high school students how COVID-19 changed the World. I am looking forward to reading your creative responses.


Email answers to or send a picture of assignments to 580-317-5180.