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Hello!  Hope all of you are doing well during this extended time at home.  You can access your enrichment activities on the following link.  Each week more activities will be posted.  I miss all of you and hope you will continue to stay safe and stay at home!


Hello again!  I hope you had a good week last week.  Here are your assignments through April 30th.  I hope you will work hard and attempt to do your best.  All of these are enrichment activities; however,  you may need some help from time to time.  You can email, call, or text me anytime.  All of my information is on my profile page.

Also, here are the answers to last week’s activities.

Page 207:  What Do a Decimal Number and a thumbtack have in common?  Each has a point.

What did Mergatroid get for losing 20 pounds?  The Nobelly Prize

What happened to the man who fell into the bubble-gum mixing machine?  His boss chewed him out.

Page 208:  A dumb criminal in favor of the metric system

Page 209:  Sand

Page 210:  Quarter that joined the March of Dimes