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Distance Learning


PreK Students at Rattan Elementary School will experience distance learning with the following learning platforms:

  1.  Students will experience 15 minutes daily of read-aloud and literacy skills practice with on-line activities at

  2. Students will gain math practice/skills with for 15 minutes daily.

  3. Students will practice reading skills with the aid of for 15 minutes daily.


Students’ extended learning will be as follows:

  1. 30-60 minutes of outside play

  2. 10-20 minutes of reading with family members

  3. 30 minutes of imaginative play


Students will continue learning with teacher developed packets of learning materials.  These packets may include: handwriting practice, alphabet skills, numerals practice, shapes and colors practice.  Students will also experience science and social studies through the use of Science Spin and Weekly Reader.


To evaluate students’ learning progress:

Teachers will include a daily check sheet for completed items that parents may return via text/picture or email teachers directly.  

Teachers will further monitor students’ learning progress by logging onto students’ learning accounts.


Student’s Name _______________________________


Daily Check Sheet for Progress







Starfall (15 minutes)


Happy Numbers (15 minutes)


TeachYourMonster… (15 min)


Outside play (30-60 minutes)


Reading with family  (10-20 min)


Imaginative play (30 minutes)


Handwriting practice


Alphabet practice


Numerals practice


Shapes practice


Colors practice


Science Spin and