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Weekly Focus 2022-2023

Welcome to Mrs. Megan’s Online Classroom!

Virtual Learning packets will be sent home in the “Tuesday Folder” on the week of the Virtual Day.

Virtual Packets are DUE the Monday after the Virtual Friday.

You may visit the tabs at the bottom of this page to view the weekly focus and some educational videos.

Complete a Writing Tablet with: your first & last name (on the top line), upper & lowercase Aa-Uu (on the front), and numbers 0-20 (on the back).

Review Sight Word List 3-5 (located under the “Tuesday Folder Homework” tab).

If you complete the paper/pencil packet, please visit the Educational Websites page.

*For STEM activities, please visit Angela Ervin’s webpage.

*For P.E. activities, please visit Durynda Batchelor's webpage.

I have also provided a Suggested Distance Learning Schedule to help structure your day.

Don’t forget to read, play outside & have fun too!!

Mrs. Megan

Megan Haycraft

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