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Distance Learning

Welcome to Mrs. Megan’s Online Distance Learning!


Let’s get started...

First select the current week at the bottom of this page,

Then select that week’s assignment tab.

There are multiple pages in the assignment (this contains ALL of the work for the current week).

Please pace yourself, by completing just 2-3 worksheets per day, so that you will have enough work to last Monday-Thursday.

If you do finish all of the assignments and want something else to do, I have added some fun extra activities to each week.

Also, do not forget to complete your “Reading Log” each week...our goal is to read 2 hours per week!! :)

Finally, have your parent/guardian print the “Letter of Assurance” page and follow the directions.


Complete a Writing Tablet each school day with: your first & last name (on the top line), upper & lowercase A-Z (on the front), and numbers 0-25 (on the back).

Review Sight Word Lists 1-4.


If you get tired of paper/pencil stuff, check out the Educational Websites page.

*For STEM activities, please visit Angela Ervin’s webpage.

*For P.E. activities, please visit Teresa Montague’s webpage.


I have also provided a Suggested Distance Learning Schedule to help structure your day.


Don’t forget to read, play outside & have fun too!!

Love you and miss you all so much!!!

Mrs. Megan