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Welcome to my Teacher web page, I would have never thought I would actually be creating one of these, but do to the Covid-19 some of use are having to learn new and innovative ways to reach our students. I am starting off simple, so with that said I am going to list a few things I would like for you to be doing.

1. On my Profile page is my phone number and email that is the best way to reach me.

2. I have placed a Blue and Gold order and it will not be delivered till at least May 1st.

3. There will not be a Banquet this year, I am as upset as you about this but someday and someway we will still recognize those that excelled in the FFA Chapter.

4. State Convention as been postponed they are still looking at having a shortened one this Summer stay tuned and Check back.

5. Officer Elections for 2020-2021 school year will happen as soon as school starts next year or late summer so be thinking about that.

6. The FFA FB page, Oklahoma FFA Page are good places to look for more info also.