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Suggested Distance Learning Schedule

Suggested Schedule for Distance Learning
● 15 minute read aloud and literacy skills including a reading task
and/or writing activity all 4 days
● 15 minute math lesson, activity, application practice or games
focused on concepts, skills, or content (i.e. number sense,
computation, problem solving, etc.) 3 x a week
● 15 minutes of reading skills practices (i.e. rhyming, sounds in a
word, letter names and letter sounds) all 4 days
● Extended learning:
○ 30 - 60 minutes of outdoor play
○ 10 - 20 minutes of reading with family (books of their
○ 30+ minutes of imaginative play (small toy play, dress up
play, building, etc.)

Megan Haycraft

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School Phone:
580-587-2715 ext.124
Conference Time:
Monday-Thursday 10:25am-11:00am