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Distance Learning

Daily Fluency Practice- Sign in to Moby Max each day ,(Monday-Thursday), and complete 5 minutes of Math Fluency Facts beginning with addition and subtraction (if you have not already completed these) and continuing until you complete all multiplication and division facts.

Study Island – Study Island has been set up so that you all can play the games, etc.  I have made a practice assignment if you want to use it you may.

*** Each day a Math assignment is on Study Island.  You may try to improve your grade as many times as you would like. The game mode is turned on, the scratch pad is available, and the highlighting tool is available also.  

There will be 5 weeks of daily assignments. MONDAY- THURSDAY.  You can elect to do them any way you would like. 

Mrs. Bailey and myself have made the Social Studies and Science available as well. We went ahead and made it possible for you to do all that you wanted to do in SS and Science.   REMEMBER YOU WILL BE TESTED IN SS and SCIENCE NEXT YEAR. Please don’t wait until next year to expect to learn all you need to pass the SS and Science test. There is no way to learn it all in 7 months.  

Everyone in our classes has access to Study Island and Moby Max. The links are on my first page.

I know we will get through all of this. It has been a difficult task for you and us as well. I miss each and every one of you and hope you take this time to enjoy yourself and being with your family. I too, am learning how to navigate through the new web page, etc.  It may take me a while to get the hang of it, but, I will eventually. 

Thank you all so much.





Durynda Batchelor

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