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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

Juniors and Seniors in high school throughout the state of Oklahoma can take college classes and earn college credit while completing their high school diploma.  Admission criteria, classes available, and costs (tuition, fees, books, etc.) vary by institution.  Although, Rattan High School will accept transcripts from all accredited colleges and universities in Oklahoma, I am most familiar with Eastern Oklahoma State College because that is where the majority of our concurrent students attend.  You may search any institution and their Concurrent Enrollment Admission Policy.  A few main points to remember:

  • The student must be currently on track to graduate.
  • There are costs associated with concurrent enrollment, even if tuition is waived.
  • The student’s bill must be paid in full before a student may enroll for the next college semester.
  • The college course AND grade earned WILL be reflected on the high school transcript and figured in the student’s high school grade point average.
  • The student must receive at least a grade of C to continue in a subsequent concurrent enrollment class.
  • The student MUST regularly check his/her college email and online class program (eg. Blackboard, Moodle, Wisdom)


The following information is essential, and any interested student AND parent/guardian should read and understand.  It is general information regarding concurrent enrollment distributed by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. 


The following links are information specific to Eastern Oklahoma State College.  Our students typically attend a class at KTC in Antlers or take online courses.  The first link is information specific to Summer 2020 and Fall 2020; the second link is the EOSC Admission Packet.  I do have paper packets available in my office.  After reviewing the information in the links, if you have questions regarding EOSC specifically, you may contact Nicole Faber at (580)271-0471 or email her at  Any new student will need to complete the Application for Admission which is online at 


Feel free to contact me via email or via phone at Rattan High School (580)587-2715 if you have questions. 

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