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Directions - Parents and Students Please Read

Directions for Week 1 and Week 2

     The Assignment Checklist includes all of the assignments for weeks 1 and 2.  Print the documents off of my website.  Everything you need should be in the one PDF file.  (8 pages total)  If you can’t view the document on the screen, choose “Download File Now” and it should work.  There are two digital assignments listed on the Assignment Checklist. (Study Island & IXL)  At the end of each week you will be required to send me via E-Notes or E-Mail a screenshot of the completed Assignment Sheet and Daily Reading Log.  I will be sending out a reminder message.  If the Assignment Sheet and Daily Reading Log is not received, then I will contact you individually.  Listed below are the due dates:

Week 1 (completed Assignment Sheet and Daily Reading Log) – Due Monday, April 13th

Week 2 (completed Assignment Sheet and Daily Reading Log) – Due Monday, April 20th

     Students will be required to read 20 minutes daily and complete the Daily Reading Log.  Students will be required to choose two additional assignments a week off of the Assignment Checklist to complete.  Once they are completed, parents/guardians will need to initial and date beside the completed assignment.

     After the first two weeks are completed, I will post the following weeks.  Hopefully the learning curve for the teachers and students will be short since distance learning is new to us all. 

     If you are having trouble with E-Notes, just email it to me at  You can find the “send me a message” button on the left navagation pane of my website.

Thanks and Stay Safe!

Mrs. Lewis