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Vicky Gibbs


To Parents and Students:

     I hope you will all stay safe during this difficult time.  As the teacher, I am just as lost and confused as you probably are; however, I know that if we stick together (from a distance), follow the rules, and commit to doing our best, we will continue to succeed! 

     To my students, I know how big your hearts are, and I am sorry that we have to experience a historical event such as this together.  I am sorry for everything you have had to miss during this spring semester.  I know the time and energy you have sacrificed to improve on a daily basis.  None of us saw this coming!  With that being said, my wish is for you to continue to grow and learn through this experience.  You are the future, and you have quite an opportunity to learn far more than we can ever teach you just by being present during this unprecedented event.  

     Please be patient with me as this is all new to me, also.  I am going to do my best to help you, love you, and be there for you.  As you read this, just know I am giving you all a group hug (from a distance)!


Mrs. Gibbs



Vicky Gibbs

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