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Sherry Duncan

Welcome to our online classroom. Below or to the side, you will find a page for the class you are a student in.

enlightenedUpdate (April 8th, 2020):  On your class page, you will now see 2 assignments, *Assignment 1 and *Remainder of work. Assignment 1 was assigned on April 6th and is due this week. Remainder of work is due on April 29th. Once you have completed the Remainder of work assignment and sent me proof, you are finished for the school year. Miss you all!!!heart

At the bottom of that page, you will see an assignment link. Once you click on that link, it will take you to the assignment instructions and have the web resources linked that you will need. There will also be a worksheet document for you to click on and open. That will be the worksheet that you will complete to turn in. You can turn in your work one of several different ways: 1. print out the worksheet, complete it, and email it to me 2. answer the worksheet questions on a sheet of paper and email it to me 3. screenshot your work or take a picture of your work and text it to me 4. send a picture of your work to me via fb messenger.                     298-7498

I would much rather be in the classroom with you, but together we will make this work!!

Stay safe and keep learning!!heart


Sherry Duncan

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