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Sheila Brown

Welcome to our online classroom.  


Welcome to our online classroom.  I know this is less than ideal and we are going to struggle at first to make this work, but let’s do the best we can and keep a good attitude.  I have tried to find resources that review previously covered content, but will also be somewhat entertaining and fun!!!  I purchased some CSI activity packets that cover core concepts from prealgebra.  There are nine modules, so we will cover two a week.  You will be given a scenario and possible suspects with their favorite number.  You will then be given six scenes to work through and this will give you a clue (number).  When you complete the scenes, you will be given one more additional problem to use the numbers from the scenes.  Your final answer should be the favorite number of the one who commited the crime.  When you finish the packet, you may email me your answer using the send a message on the left sidebar of this page or text to the number I will give you.  Make sure you state your name and answer so I will know who to give the credit.  I will post the answers with next week’s assignments.  Please do not stress your parents out.  If you need help, make sure you email or text me for additional instruction.  

I am going to provide a link for the packets or you may have a paper/pencil copy.  I will also provide links throughout the weeks for addtional resources that will help you to maintain your skills as you transition to high school next year.  Please look on my Educational Links page for downloadable packets and additional resources.  If it is something you will need a code for, it will be provided.  Many companies are providing their resources free of charge while we are out of school.

Most of all my students, enjoy this time with your family, make memories, and stay safe.  I miss your smiling faces everyday telling me how much you LOVE MATH!!!  Let’s make the best of this and do the best we can.

Mrs. Brown


Cell:  580-271-8149  (please only use for short questions, submit your answers, or if you do not have access to internet for email)

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