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Kris Bailey

                                                                                 Reading is fun!    


Hello students and parents! I’m so sorry we are having to turn to distance learning to finish out the school year. I miss seeing you all. Below, I will explain what Mrs. Baldwin and I will be doing to try and offer the most effective distance learning for our students both online and paper packets. Please be patient with us as this is new to us, and we are learning as we go also!

Mrs Baldwin and I have printed paper packets (for those that requested them). One packet has work for 3 weeks in it and the Journeys Reading packet has work for all 5 weeks in it. For reading and language please complete the Journeys packet before working on the reading and language pages in the other packet. Do all of the math in the other packet before starting on the reading and language sheets in that packet. There is a check off sheet for parents to mark when each assignment is completed included in the packets. We are asking that you please mark those, initial, and take a picture to send in at the end of each week, (if you have a phone capable of sending pictures). If you can’t send a picture then just text, email, or call to let us know they were completed.This will be our way of verifying that students are doing their work. Please do not send the paper packet back to school.

Online students (those that didn’t request paper packets) will find their assignments for each week here on my webpage. Click on the links for instructions for each week’s assignments. If you click on the educational websites link on either of our pages you can access any of the links we have put there. Students can work at their own pace on any of the websites that aren’t part of a weekly assignment with spacific due dates. Some of the sites have actual assignments and some just advance in levels depending on each student’s performance. We will be accessing the sites to check for student participation weekly.

All students need to be reading some kind of text for at least 20 minutes per day in addition to what is in their packets and online assignments. This can be library books they have at home, magazines, newspapers, etc. The myOn link has thousands of books for students to read for free through June 30th. Students will also be able to take AR tests from home now! I would like for them to stay within their suggested reading level if possible. I sent those reading levels out before spring break, but I’ll try to get them sent out again as soon as I figure out the best way to do that.

**Check my calendar for assignment due dates!**

If you have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email me.

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